Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ink Kultur

'Tis the season to be half-naked again, with temperatures hitting the high 30s Münchners are heading to the streams, lakes and public pools to cool down and show us how their gym membership paid off, or not.

With all this exposed skin just walking about, we get to discover some beautiful artwork and interesting tattoo concepts. The most coveted one has to be the "tramp stamp"! Briefly popular in the 90s the concept left a lot of women and some men regretting this particular investment and being shamed by those who said thanks but, no thanks to the ongoing trend.

In Germany there are a few terms to describe this often tribal piece of artwork located on the lower part of the back.

"Schlampenstempel" is probably the most literal translation, there's also "Arschvignette" and my favorite "Arschgeweih" which translates to "ass antlers".

"Cool tattoo honey."