Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spare change?

Coming from North America, I'm used to putting every single thing on my credit card, gotta get some points! A 2$ cup of coffee a 90 cents pack of gum, plastic is the way to go. In Germany they have a saying "cash is king", the only place they ask you if you want to pay with a card (bank/debit card) is at the grocery store. They even have those preloaded visa cards where you have to put money on it before you can spend that money which is a little weird to me. Debt is not something the Germans are interested in, it seems to be working for them.

I can't get used to paying with cash, I made baby steps and now I always have some bills in my wallet in case I need to buy something on the go but I still haven't been able to get used to spending the change. My wallet, for one, won't let me fit all these coins in it... what should a man do, go back to wearing a fanny pack?

Not only do I have a problem with change but here they have this system where you pay a deposit for your mug/glass and they give you a token. Bring the glass and the token back and you get your deposit, clearly I didn't grasp that concept and now I'm stuck with some lovely fluorescent tokens from different biergartens or clubs.

I also learned that by law you can purchase an item with up to 50 coins and the cashier has to accept the payment... time to go buy myself a beer or two.